Friday, June 10, 2011

Green Sky at Night

It was raining; it was pouring. And then the sky turned green.

No tornado warnings came through, but with hail and 70 mph winds forecast, we headed to the basement. No sense taking chances with all the trees in our yard and all the windows around our house. Been there, done that.

Nanny stayed with us, hesitant to go out in the storm. Mama got home just before it got bad. Even the cats were in the basement with us, prowling around. The kids played. And I emailed Mama Teacher, also in her basement. And I paced, mainly because I can't sit and there was no place to lie down. For almost an hour.

And it was all okay, in all ways. No real fear in the kids. No damage to the house. It didn't last too long. We never lost power. The kids and Mama even straightened the toys!! And I managed my longest, unbroken walk yet (and it had started before we headed to the basement, as I stayed downstairs with the kid watching the weather)--for more than an hour. Tired, sure, but nothing else. Yay!

And we got 2" of much-needed rain.

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