Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Strawberry Miracle

There is the pot of dirt that has been sitting next to our garage for a year. It was our strawberry plant that died an early death, too hot and unwatered last year as we tended to our hanging tomato plant (we never managed to put the strawberry in a hanger). Anyway, it never really blossomed, much less produced fruit, but we saved the dirt and container for . . . who knows what--planting dirt this year? mud to play in? or even just quit noticing it?

Well, I noticed it yesterday on my first outside walk in two months. And it had leaves. And strawberries! Yes, strawberries! Three: one bright red one, two still-ripening pink ones. I called the kids, on their way to school, and they were so excited. When they got home, Bud picked the single red strawberry, a tiny specimen of summer, and shared it around. It was gorgeous, but the most sour berry I've ever had. No matter, it was lovely and summer-y and shared among us all.

All from a plant we thought was gone.

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