Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bunny Beautiful

I was standing at my window, gathering my lunch, when a movement below caught my eye. Something raced into the boxwood bush beside our neighbor's house. A bunny. The bunny, the one Mama had seen eating some of the clover in our yard this morning. The bunny she's seen upon arriving home in the evenings. The bunny whose droppings we find in the yard sometime. The bunny we always hope is safe and well and still near our yard.

I yelled for Sis to come up stairs and she was quickly followed by Bud. They clamored up the dresser and sat very still hoping to see the bunny. I could still see it twitching some under the bush but they couldn't.

So we decided to go outside. They speedily donned shoes and I led the trek across the yard to where the bunny still hid in the bush. Sis soon spotted the bunny's big round eye staring at us. Hop! The bunny was off, faster than any animal I've seen run, so that we could barely tell where the wild little brown thing had gone. But we all saw it.

And Sis was thrilled. So thrilled in fact that she called her bus buddy, with whom she discusses bunnies everyday on the ride home. They were both very excited.

I'm pretty sure we didn't permanently scare it off--our yard is temptingly full of fresh, organic clover! And with any luck, we'll see it again.

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