Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back in the Swing

I find I remember things better when I write them down and that I can find what I write down if I put it in this blog, like recipes or games for Girl Scouts or crocheting patterns.

So here's another list, of my Pilates exercises, which I imagine you'll just want to skip right over; go ahead, I just need them somewhere so I can have them handy.  I went back today, after a hiatus, and freshened my memory of all my moves.  I don't have much body memory for such things so it was good to revisit it.  My instructor said I looked good, which was nice to hear since I've had aches and pains since Memorial Day and I haven't been as comfortable moving (actually, she thinks this stiffness/tightness is good because it's a balance against my "loosy-goosy" hypermobility.)  So, it was good to get back in the swing of things, with these:

  1. Piriformis stretch--leg bent perpendicular to body and pressed forward with other leg
  2. Laying-down "schlump"--touch small of lower back to surface in reclining position 
  3. Knee squeeze, using yoga block between bent knees
  4. Yoga Block Press--press block between bent knees, then lift butt off surface in reclining position (anchor with big toes!  lead with butt!)
  5. Pelvic Tilt or Bridge--similar to #4, but without block
  6. Leg lifts--with one knee bent
  7. Upper Body Crunch--flatten abdomen (think of pulling it down and in) and do small crunch with hands behind head
  8. Sitting up "Schlump"--roll back into a slump and come up
  9. Sitting Yoga Block Squeeze--with block between kneeds
  10. Piriformis sit, or the "guy sit," one leg crossed
  11. Standing "schlump"--up and down like a pull-string stick figure
  12. All-fours push against floor (for core)
  13. Wall push, in lunge position (also for core)
  14. Alternating hands wall "dance" (ditto)
You should see all he little drawings!  I think all PTs etc take the same stick-figure drawing course.

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