Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Some Nights

Some nights, especially recently, the kids struggle against bedtime.  All is well through baths and jammies, through bedtime stories and SQUIRT (silent reading) time.  But at lights out, all manner of ills fall:  the blanket is cattywampus; the light is too bright;  a bug bite emerges; a leg aches; a funny or loud noise is heard; the door is open; the door is shut.  Last night, Sis's nose stung.

I've noticed that these nights now tend to coincide with Mama's working late.  I think they are staying up until she comes home.  Indeed, last night, Sis directly asked when that would be.  Alas, it was close on 10 p.m. and, yes, they were both still awake.  I had given up trying last night--it does no good to yell or cajole, though sometimes it is very tempting and I have succumbed.  By 8 p.m., I am ready for them to be in bed; by  10 p.m., I'm quite beside myself.  Now, though I close my door and do what I will.

There was a funny new excuse last night:  the cat had used the litter box and Bud came down complaining of the smell.  See, his room was the "cat room" and it's conversion into a bedroom is incomplete--the litter box is still in there.  Well, I think the cats are not too fond of their new roommate, much less being usurped.  They aren't covering their waste anymore!   Once Mama came home and I got it all cleaned up (because, yes, it would keep me up, too), Bud went back to bed.  And eventually, they were both asleep.

I wonder what the next new excuses will be?

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  1. Besides the cat box we have and still do experience the same things. Every. Single. Night. I tell myself each night, "This too shall pass." However I think it is going to be a long time before it passes.......sigh