Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Fun 2013

With the kids making bracelets and baking cookies, I'm reminded of all the fun things we can do everyday this summer.  Last year, there were 70 days of summer; this year, just 61, if I've counted correctly.  Here's what we're thinking of doing, starting with all of the activity kits we've stockpiled (mind you, we won't get to all of them; it's more for inspiration):
  1. Activity-kit-a day:  Make a snow globe
  2. Activity-kit-a day:  Make your own birdhouse.
  3. Activity-kit-a day:  spin art
  4. Activity-kit-a day:  My first Chemistry set
  5. Activity-kit-a day:  Magic Science kit
  6. Activity-kit-a day:  Make a stepping stone
  7. Activity-kit-a day:  Etch a tag engraver set
  8. Activity-kit-a day:  Pottery kit
  9. Activity-kit-a day:  Potato Clock
  10. Activity-kit-a day:  Mandala maker
  11. Activity-kit-a day:  Lava Volcano kit
  12. Activity-kit-a day:  Disgusting Science kit
  13. Activity-kit-a day:  tie-dye kit
  14. Activity-kit-a day:  Eco crafts kit
  15. Activity-kit-a day:  Sound studio kit
  16. Activity-kit-a day:  drawing kit
  17. Activity-kit-a day:  light kit
  18. Activity-kit-a day:  Sun prints kit
  19. Activity-kit-a day:  friendship bracelets
  20. Host a sleepover with friends.
  21. Join swimming pool.
  22. Start Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  23. Make ice cream in a roly ball.
  24. Have a no-electricity day.
  25. Have a backwards day.
  26. Have a pajama day.
  27. Paint like Jackson Pollock.
  28. Help at historic house.
  29. Work on woven placemats on loom.
  30. Learn how to clean bathrooms.
  31. Learn how to weed garden.
  32. Practice scooping litter boxes.
  33. Play putt-putt golf.
  34. Sort and donate books.
  35. Go strawberry picking.
  36. Go blueberry picking.
  37. Make jam.
  38. Purge and donate toys in basement.
  39. Visit Miss S.
  40. Write to a pen pal.
  41. Organize school papers.
  42. Go see a movie in a theater.
  43. Go to one library event.
  44. Make popsicles.
  45. Have an astronomy night.
  46. Have a lemonade stand.
  47. Host a Luau/Hawaii party.
  48. Build fairy houses.
  49. Scrapbook.  
  50. Make brandied fruit a la Bloodroot.
  51. Go on a sketching outing.
  52. Celebrate July 4th.
  53. Celebrate Solstice.
  54. Celebrate Mama's birthday.
  55. Make ice cube candles.
  56. Host a culture night.
  57. Make fudge.
  58. Go to concert in the park.
  59. Visit a new museum.
  60. Hang pictures.
  61. Make treats for animal shelter.
Bonus:  make soap, go to a local festival, do 1000 piece puzzle, have a backyard weenie/s'mores roast, make a family songbook, have a kids-in-charge day, have a no-cooking day, have an all-outside day, and did I mention go to Texas?!

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  1. Wow!!! What a great list. I'll be borrowing some of these ideas. I wanted to make our "Summer Bucket List" and still have not gotten to it. Something else I've been feeling lately as my two older ones get older is that they are not into all the craft and such activities. I feel sad about that.