Friday, June 7, 2013

Yo-Yo, Mom!

There is a new obsession here:  yo-yos.  The kiddos had seen the NED show--"Never give up.  Encourage others.  Do your best."--months ago, and, though they got yo-yos then, didn't show much interest.  Bud, who is very persistent with new-found pursuits (like string games, magic tricks), picked it up again a few days ago and hasn't put it down since.  And amidst our stack of books, he found one with tricks.  So he's doing all manner of yo-yo maneuvers.  And making up his own.  My favorite of these is the Race Car, where he throws the yo-yo away from him and it travels across the floor.  He's even tried to teach me; I've managed some of the basic up and down, but he is very encouraging.  He and Sis even yo-yo battle, since Mama told them yo-yos were originally weapons (which is debated on Snopes.)  At the very least, they can easily make yo-yos into weapons themselves!  It's a good thing it's summer soon, because I've noticed on these rainy days that yo-yos are just not a good inside toy.

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  1. Loved my Yo-Yo. I agree Yo-Yo's are best outdoors.