Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Fun 2013: Pool, Pool Party

With drizzles and clouds, we headed to the store to get goggles with the understanding that we probably wouldn't get to use them; still, it was nice to get out to see these friends (and because our neighbor's broken tree was being cut down--all 80' tall and 50' in diameter of it--and chipped noisily and the scent of brisket in the crockpot would have made us hungry all day.)  We got the goggles and some new swim shoes (both of which will be great for our trip to Texas later), piling back into the van which had the snacks we were taking, swimsuits, and swim noodles.

And the weather held!  Sis and Bud swam with their friends for almost 5 1/2 wonderful hours, with a break for tasty grilled cheeses and potato chips.  They played Marco Polo and Toothpaste (a categories game with a race component), dove for rockets and rings, and did flips and handstands, with trips to the table for Goldfish and grapes in between.  Meanwhile, Mrs. S and I chatted about pretty much everything, which was delightful (daytime adult company usually is!).  We also had a surprise visit from their great swim teacher (who we met through Mrs. S) and her grandson.

When I thought I heard thunder, after so many hours in the pool, the pruny kiddos reluctantly headed inside for watercolor-painting and Legos.  We left soon after.

It was really the perfect start to summer vacation.  Thanks, Mrs. and "Mr. Mrs-S" and girls!!!

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