Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Math Competition

Guess what the kiddos did yesterday on their first half-day of school?

Their summer math packets!

Sis started hers when she got home, running upstairs to her desk to work on it in quiet.  Bud, of course, had to start his immediately lest she get ahead of him.

At some point, she decided she was done for the day and came down.  But, upon hearing he was one page from being finished, she went back to doing hers!

So now they're both done and summer hasn't even started yet!!  Nothing like sibling rivalry to get a job done.

(Of course, a math-teacher friend pointed out that it was a mistake to let them do the packets, that they needed them as refreshers later this summer.  Blah.)


  1. Ah I wish my kids had that kind of rivalry! I'd love it! Instead of fighting about whose foot is crossing the line on the couch they could be continuing to hone their math or reading skills. I'm sure you could find some free packets online for their grade levels this way they can do it again closer to school to make sure they've still got it! Good for them for doing it all. I'm probably going to have to bribe my kids to do their reading over the summer!!!

  2. Ee ladies, there is room for both sorts in this world. And many others.