Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm waiting to see if we're legally married and legally a family on a federal level today.  It's weird.  And really rather helpless feeling.

Early this week, Sis asked if the Supreme Court could make a family move, could make them separate.  She was asking because she knows about the two cases before SCOTUS.  I assured her that, no matter what, we were a family, we were staying together, that the Supreme Court didn't have that kind of power.

Yes, thank heavens we live here in Connecticut.

Even if both cases don't go our way, the worst we suffer, practically, is the continued loss of thousands of dollars in taxes.  That and a continued sense of inequality.  And righteousness.

Still, it would be wonderful if DOMA were struck down.

I've been saving some rainbow paper goods to celebrate.  And it's Mama's birthday.  Wouldn't striking down DOMA be a great birthday present from the Supreme Court?

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