Saturday, June 15, 2013

Good Day, Sunshine!

After what feels like days of chilly rain, which I do like, it is sunny and breezy, in the low 70s--a beautiful day!  The kids and Mama are currently shopping, both for groceries and for party supplies.  They've picked a luau theme (a la our Disney trip) for their upcoming birthday party.  They've also gotten food for grilling outside today, all manner of who knows what, but some pizza dough for me to make grilled pizzas.  While they were out, our friend the gardener Miss Mary, from our first church, brought over some kale and dill plants for our burgeoning raised bed and advised me on how to harvest horseradish (snip the part of the root you want and put the rest back) and also rhubarb (when it's nice and tall, snap off the stalks), both of which she had gifted us previously.  Sis will love putting in new plants (weeding around them, not as much.)  Miss Mary, who is always encouraging and kind, said ours was an English garden, which is a generous compliment considering how little we work on it--but we do have colorful spiderwort and Stella Dora day lilies and other things.  So we'll be outside some today, enjoying this beautiful June day.

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  1. Now I always pull the rhubarb in my English garden, this takes courage because you think 'I am going to pull the whole plant from the ground', if you have doubts leave it there, it is not ready so try the next day. They need plenty of water and horse manure, I collect the latter from the nearby lane which is a horse route from the stables to wherever they go. You need to collect before it has been squashed by the cars otherwise you do not get the juices. No doubt you have a friendly riding school.