Sunday, June 2, 2013

Metamorphosis Continues

It began with Bud sleeping in the guest bed in our library after a tiff with Sis.

He hasn't gone back to "their" room.

Then, touching my mother's heart, they decided to have a sleepover in her room and giggled and talked just like old times . . . until another tiff sent him back to his room.


Today we continued the process whereby his room looks a little less like our library and a little more like his own room.  While I cheered her on and the kids helped where they could, Mama relocated two huge bookcases with about 700 books from Bud's new room to ours.  And to do that, she put my desk in Sis's room where Bud's dresser had been, which she also moved to Bud's new room.  We've gotten the second floor back in order as best we can, though there are bags and boxes holding the contents of what used to be my desk.  And some random things in piles that need to be distributed.  We just ran out of steam.  Just watching Mama made me tired.

There are still about a thousand books to move, which are in the built in shelves in Bud's room, and the contents of a closet.  But it's good for now.  Eventually, we'll move the futon to the basement and the glider to . . . somewhere.

It's still a bit bittersweet having them separate, though it was always the plan.  Kinda one of those getting-older milestones.

I just hope the sleepover works out eventually.

I want them to stay friends.

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