Thursday, June 20, 2013

Less Than a Week

Though solstice is tomorrow, our summer doesn't really start until next Wednesday afternoon.  I'm soaking up the last few days of quiet and calm while also pursuing those last few chores--like annual doctors' appointments (ugh, the dentist was awful.)  It's a  pretty relaxed summer, all things considered, with our trip to Texas and a few weeks of day camps for the kids, plus more swim lessons and piano for both.  And then there's our list of 61 things we might do.

For now, we're finishing off the year.  The kids are taking various teachers' gifts each day, this week for their specials and next week for their teacher and some of the staff.  I'm hoping to make brownies this afternoon for the kids to leave in the teacher's lounge tomorrow.  We'll see if we manage it.

I'm really working on not making it a big deal that they change schools next year and will also be in separate classes for the first time in two years.  They are excited, about the new school and especially the summer, though I'm not sure they have actual plans beyond staying up late, sleeping in, and no homework.

It's almost time.

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