Monday, June 26, 2017

New Affirmations

Starting a whole new list of things I'm proud of doing, things that challenge me:

  • hiking to the chapel at Trapp Family Lodge!!
  • hiking along the ridge of Mt. Mansfield!!
  • hiking up the rock/root scramble at Moss Glen Falls!!
  • wading in the stream at Moss Glen Falls!
  • exploring the gunboat at Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
  • went for mammogram (clean!)
  • driving to hospice (30+ minutes)
  • driving to deliver a church meal (30+ minutes)
  • gardening--clearing the back and front beds
  • juggling with and without brace
  • three shifts as snack supervisor at the play
  • 5 days in auditorium seats!
  • working town festival

For the old lists, see my original list of Affirmations is from March, AprilOctober 2015, then March and June 2016, and June 2017.

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