Friday, June 2, 2017


As promised, some of our recent news:

  • Sis's horse show:  It's horse show season again and we've already got two down, with one to go in a few weeks.  These are home shows at "our" farm.  Sis competes in the beginner group of Walk-Trot-Canter, which also includes equitation, pleasure, and poles.  No, I'm not really sure what all of that means.  I do know she came home with four ribbons last time--two firsts, a second, and a third.   And that she loves going to shows, even just helping out in the barn, anything so she can smell horse.  She's even watching a horse show on tv, Canadian "Heartland," which is second best to being with horses.  It's gotten even stronger, this horse love, since we began partially leasing Murphy, a black furry pony.  She basically gets an extra lesson a week, plus her original lesson, both usually on Murphy.  And she shares riding Murphy in the home shows.  
  • Our first Memorial Day weekend home together in years:  Because Bud is a lead in the school play, which has rehearsals three days a week, we opted to skip kung fu competition in NJ this year because he couldn't practice for both.  Good decision.  Except we all missed our annual trek to NJ, which has included side trips to Philly and to the Jersey Shore in past years.  I don't think we've all been home for Memorial Day since 2010 (see here on first kung fu competition, for both of them!)  Because I was still very under the weather, we didn't do much.  Just as well because everyone is pretty burned out and tired by the end of the school year.  And it rained.  At least now we're all looking forward to being in New Jersey next year.
  • Middle school orientation:  Yes, middle school.  Next year.  After seven years at the same elementary school (albeit two different buildings), the kiddos are moving on.  We're all excited and nervous and curious about what next year will be like.  We've been to two orientations, which didn't quite answer many questions.  The first one at least allowed the kids to wander the school on a scavenger hunt, after long and boring intros by various teachers who we couldn't hear over the mike feedback.  They had fun wandering around with their school friends in the big, confusing building.  Mama and I just meandered.  I liked the wall art.  The second orientation was more about dealing with the social issues of junior high, addressed in a variety of little skits.  Don't be mean, how to avoid mean people.  And all the different ways moms can embarrass you.   The handouts for parents were more on the mark--sexting, drugs, alcohol, cyberbulling. Talk about making us all look forward to the transition.
  • Our new Eurovision obsession:  if you are not familiar with Eurovision, it's a songwriting and performance contest between all the European nations--and Australia!--held yearly, for the last 50-some-odd years.  It started as a way to revitalize and reconnect war-torn Europe.  Even if you don't know it, you do--it's how Abba got their start, with "Waterloo."  I think it must also be a huge gay pride event, even before there were official gay pride events.  It seems to attract 30-something European men more than any other group; and yes, there is quite an element of camp. It's now shown on LOGO in the US, yep, the gay tv channel.  Last year, the commentators were quite snarky; this year they took it a bit more seriously.  The music is catchy and light, though sometimes political or more artistic.  The performance pieces are over the top, with lights and digital projections and dancers; it's all very entertaining.  Some of it is just odd:  like the yodeling piece from Romania this year.  But there are also milestones:  this year, the first Roma performer represented Hungary and the first aboriginal performer represented Australia.  And a young man from Portugal singing alone on a stage, no lights or dancers, with a quality some compared to Edith Piaf, won the entire thing.  And we watched it all!  Bud loves the music--his favorite is "Requiem," a ballad from France.  I like the yodeling song and the upbeat tune from Belarus.  I have also co-opted Sweden's entry, singing "I can't go on because I'm this freaking beautiful!"  Sis enjoyed looking up each country on the globe and likes all the music well enough, too.  Though, with the collection of all the songs on repeat, everyone but Bud is getting a bit tired of it.  He's even looking up past years on YouTube. At least he's learning some geograpy.  
  • Recent crochet:  I finished the pastel rainbow blanket I've been working on for ages.  It's a kit from Attic24, but instead of doing the colors in her random order, I had to put them in rainbow color order.  I love the stitches, though, just a pattern of rows of double crochet and granny clusters.  I have some other little projects I'm working on, though there hasn't been much time for crochet.
  • Lastly, Gommie and Pop are headed our way for the play, a horse show, and the sixth-grade awards ceremony.  They're driving, staying awhile with us after school is over, and then rushing home so that my family can fly to Texas for 4th of July.  Not the best planning, but it will be fun to spend some time together.

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