Monday, June 5, 2017

My Feminist Bubble

I forget sometimes that I live in a feminist bubble with a whole community of friends who are in here, too.  I know I shouldn't be surprised, in light of the election, etc., but I was still a bit taken aback when the man behind me at the movie concession stand yesterday scoffed that anyone but girls would want to see "Wonder Woman."  He then coached his tween boy, who was there to see "Captain Underpants," to mock the idea. "You wouldn't want to see Wonder Woman, would you?  That's for girls.  Boys don't want to see that."  And the boy was quiet and confused, whining that he was there to see Captain Underpants (quite literally worried that he would have to see Wonder Woman.)

No words. And honestly, I didn't engage much beyond "I think Wonder Woman is for everyone. Boys can watch girls in movies. My son is." I know I won't change the man's mind in a two-minute conversation in line . . . and honestly I think twice about engaging with strangers in public because I can't be sure they won't become aggressive.  Protecting Muslim women in Portland from a white supremacist is a worthy cause; arguing about a Sunday matinee isn't.

I wish I had Diana Prince's cuffs sometimes.

We loved the movie, by the way.  And not just because it was finally a female protagonist in a comic-book movie (though, that's why we went opening weekend, to support such movies financially.)  The plot was engaging and not completely transparent (though, SPOILERS, we knew actor David Thewlis's role had to be pivotal); the pace quick, balancing action and comedy, quiet moments and explosive ones.  And yes, Mama and I like fit women in leather, going back twenty-odd years to Xena.  The kids liked it a lot, too.

And given the current political and cultural atmosphere, it's exactly the kind of movie we need.

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  1. Extremists are, in the main, cranks. Before the British invention of the jet engine you always had to have a crank to get things moving.