Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kung Fu Kiddos

The kids went to their first kung fu tournament this weekend, along with Ma, Gong, and Mama (I stayed home with Goo). To prepare, they'd been attending extra practices, doing their forms everyday, even giving a demonstration for their P.E. classes. But in the last few days, they had become a bit nervous about the competition. So we kept focusing on having fun and doing their best (we're clearly not Tiger moms).

And that's just what they did today. They did their forms as best as they have, despite a long wait in a crowded and warm gym. Loud calls, tornado kicks, sweeps, everything they've practiced this spring. And they both earned gold! (How did they both win gold? Though they were in the same age division, they were in separate gender divisions.)

We're very proud of them!

And would've been, regardless of the outcome . . . .

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