Thursday, June 8, 2017

BIG Affirmations

Affirmations Continued

Here's another update to my Affirmations list  (my original list of Affirmations is from March, AprilOctober 2015, then March and June 2016.) 

As you know, every now and then I need a confidence boost.  You have probably figured out that I often underestimate my abilities, am hard on myself, and get anxious about it all.  So here is my list of times I overcame all that, proof that I can do it again!  New bullet items are in bold.

I have not had severely debilitating back pain since 2010.  Three years ago, Memorial Day 2014 when I had back pain, I still functioned and did things.  My surgery was almost two years ago, and, despite a weight gain caused by steroids etc., I am so much better.  

Recently, I have successfully navigated:

  • going into NYC for 13 hours by myself!!!!  Swaying trains, lots of walking, awful conference chairs--no back pain or much anxiety!!!!!!  SO PROUD!!!!!  I love NYC!
  • walking the Bronx Zoo for three hours with no back brace!
  • driving 30+ minutes both ways to new hospice place!
  • INTERVIEWING for new volunteer hospice position (twice--volunteer coordinator AND senior chaplain)--and getting the position!!!
  • middle school orientations and all the end-of-year activities;
  • going to the doctor on my own without much anxiety;
  • doing a big, busy weekend all by myself (Mama was on retreat), with lots of driving, a horse show, and speedskating;
  • managing conflict without avoiding it;
  • singing alone and acapella in front of 30 students and a voice coach;
  • Kripalu Yoga Dance; 
  • walking the Kripalu labyrinth without a brace; 
  • volunteering at an all-day speedskating event;
  • teaching a Zentangle class to 22 students;
  • attending the opera despite a mild stomach bug;
  • conflict and confrontation at a meeting;
  • hiked Sleeping Giant for 2+ hours, starting off without my brace;
  • hikes at the Appalachian Trail, Thundering Brook, Quechee Gorge, Webb Mountain, East Rock Park, Roosevelt Forest, and others;
  • riding in a wagon at a parade, waving to crowds, for more than an hour;
  • exploring the top of a mountain, Mt. Equinox;
  • extended walking on ice (in new great boots!);
  • Hawk Watch 2016 at Audubon Greenwich and elsewhere;
  • Snowy Owling walks;
  • Just Dance with Bud;
  • morning walks at the zoo without brace;
  • baking challah with hospice patient over two visits;
  • three-hour schooner ride in LI Sound;
  • walked the High Line;
  • our big Florida trip--Universal Studios Harry Potter World!!!!;
  • a long 5-day workshop to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher;
  • a retreat at Kripalu;
  • my piano recital of "Greensleeves";
  • explorations of Providence (before CZT), Philadelphia (before a friend's installation), Northampton/Western Mass (with Historic Deerfield, Magical Wings, and Webs Yarn Store!!);
  • a nighttime Owl Prowl and a hike up a mountain to see wolves; 
  • Gong's citizenship ceremony;
  • a Taize service;
  • volunteering and attending the school play for three days;
  • festival at historic house with games and activities;
  • giving several historic house tours;
  • filmed historic house video;
  • teaching my very first Zentangle class to adults and then my first class to students;
  • purchasing and riding a bicycle;
  • visiting Connecticut Hospice;
  • extra driving to and from play, to doctors' offices, etc;
  • gone to the movies;
  • pushed a cart at the store without my brace;
  • evening performances at Lincoln Center and Broadway;
  • the all-day rehearsal time and then performance of Bud's kung fu at Lincoln Center;
  • walking 10 blocks, eating in a restaurant, and walking back 10 blocks;
  • back-to-back museum exhibitions;
  • test driving and buying a new car;
  • conducting various GS meetings (including Bronze Award!) and standing at the GS cookie booth;
  • being in charge--rides, meals, chores, etc.--as the only adult for the whole weekend;
  • parented alone for a whole weekend, with all the driving and meals etc;
  • complete a huge crocheted blanket;
  • passing my CPR test, with 3+ minutes of demonstration of compressions, etc.;
  • driving Bud to a performance, staying to watch, and driving home;
  • walking the marsh and the beach to look for the Snowy Owl;
  • lightsaber sparring with Bud; 
  • cleaning the porch with Mama;
  • pick up dear Mr. P and carry him when he was ill;
  • walked on rocky/shelly beaches looking sea glass (home and Block Island);
  • attending a weekend knitting retreat (with lots of sitting!);
  • walking labyrinths (at retreat and Block Island);
  • walking on wooded paths, where I saw an owl (retreat);
  • attended several parties;
  • sat through SW7 three times (once followed by dinner!);
  • Chinese New Year, with several sessions of kneeling to pray;
  • regular doctors' appointments;
  • one word:  colonoscopy;
  • and more that I can't even remember.

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  1. I told you it could be done, you are back to the ***** I knew in Roma