Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Affirmations 2016

My affirmation list has gotten longer and I realized that it desperately needed an update (my original list of Affirmations is from last March, April, and then again in October.)  So, I'm making a new one, mainly for this year.

I have not had severely debilitating back pain in almost 5 whole years (my major episode was 6 years ago!)  Two years ago, Memorial Day 2014 when I had back pain, I still functioned and did things.

My surgery was almost a year ago and I am so much better.  
  • I can drive as far and walk as much as I did before my surgery.
  • I can do so many things without my brace:  go on outings, play the piano, cook dinner, push the cart around the grocery store, fold the laundry, unload the dishwasher, watch tv from the couch, sit to meditate, sit at the dinner table, clean the litterboxes, meditating on my zafu/cushion, and do all of my stretches and exercises.  And I can do several of these in a row in one day without any problem, most days.  Some of these were hard before surgery; my PT thinks my core might be stronger than before.
  • I know what foods most upset my system and can work around them.
  • I am more skillful at staying in the present when I have pain or anxiety.

Recently, I have successfully navigated:
  • evening performances at Lincoln Center and Broadway;
  • the all-day rehearsal time and then performance of Bud's kung fu at Lincoln Center;
  • walking 10 blocks, eating in a restaurant, and walking back 10 blocks;
  • back-to-back museum exhibitions;
  • test driving and buying a new car;
  • conducting various GS meetings (including Bronze Award!) and (soon) standing at the GS cookie booth;
  • being in charge--rides, meals, chores, etc.--as the only adult for the whole weekend;
  • (soon) parented alone for a whole weekend, with all the driving and meals etc;
  • complete a huge crocheted blanket;
  • passing my CPR test, with 3+ minutes of demonstration of compressions, etc.;
  • driving Bud to a performance, staying to watch, and driving home;
  • walking the marsh and the beach to look for the Snowy Owl;
  • lightsaber sparring with Bud; 
  • cleaning the porch with Mama;
  • pick up dear Mr. P and carry him when he was ill;
  • walked on rocky/shelly beaches looking sea glass (home and Block Island);
  • attending a weekend knitting retreat (with lots of sitting!);
  • walking labyrinths (at retreat and Block Island);
  • walking on wooded paths, where I saw an owl (retreat);
  • attended several parties;
  • sat through SW7 three times (once followed by dinner!);
  • Chinese New Year, with several sessions of kneeling to pray;
  • regular doctors' appointments;
  • one word:  colonoscopy;
  • and more that I can't even remember.

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