Monday, March 21, 2016


For the first time since we've had children, there are flowers growing in the yard before Easter.  I remember this because as a child we made Easter nests with wildflowers, but we could never do this with our children because there weren't ever any flowers growing before Easter.  This year, there are: lots of purple and white crocuses, a few daffodils, even my hyacinths are peaking out.  Maybe we can make Easter nests this year.  (Though, granted, the hottest month ever on earth recorded in February is really not something to be happy about.)

And so, Saturday night for Earth Hour--the international observation of light pollution and energy usage that calls on people to shut off power and be together, from 8:30-9:30 p.m. local time--we went outside and sat around the fire pit for the nice spring evening.

But now there is snow all over the ground, about 2-3" of wet fluffy stuff sticking to everything except the roads and sidewalks, covering all the flowers.  The temperature is climbing above freezing--the sun is already out--so I imagine it will mostly melt before the end of the day.

Reveling in the late spring snow, one of only a couple of snows this whole winter, we had snow ice cream for breakfast, no doubt our last batch of the season.  And I'm enjoying the view outside.

But I'm glad it didn't snow on our family Easter egg hunt this Sunday.  And maybe the flowers will make it . . . .

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