Monday, March 28, 2016

Happy Easter!

It was hard to wake up this Monday morning, which is a gray, rainy first day back after a long weekend.  Especially because we had such a nice day yesterday.

I think I first heard a child moving around about 6:05 a.m.  But they didn't come jump on our bed until 7:00 on the dot--ah, the joys of the older child who can tell time!  I'll miss it when they don't get up early for holidays at all.

First things first, as usual, we went to the porch to see our Easter Baskets.  The kids had already ascertained that The Bunny had visited by looking outside and spotting an egg or two.  Sure enough, there were books, candies, little games, special drinks, and a few lawn sculptures in our Easter baskets.  And The Bunny had even left a basket for our friend, Miss N, who was coming later in the day.  She was a coworker of Mama's back in the NYC-commute days; originally from Japan, she lived in NYC, then returned to Japan, and has now moved to Hawaii.  She was visiting NYC for a little vacation and we invited her for Easter--she had never celebrated before!  But she wouldn't arrive until midday.

After perusing the baskets, the kids searched the house for plastic eggs filled with candy and coins.  There were also empty eggs, which were worth 15 minutes of screentime per egg.  Best.  Prize.  Ever.     The Bunny was tricky this year, hiding eggs higher than ever and actually in things like teapots and the piano bench.  It certainly kept the kids busy.      

There were carrot bits all over the house.  We think The Bunny must have raided the fridge--because the kids didn't leave out any treats.  They were a little aghast at forgetting.

We had a big breakfast of bacon and biscuits as we waited for 9 a.m., which is the earliest we let them search for eggs outside because they get rowdy and loud in excitement.  But right on the dot, they headed outside to find more plastic eggs and some hard-boiled ones.  Again, tricky bunny, the eggs were harder to find.  I said maybe they had a new Easter Bunny (we've discussed that there are probably several), on the 10 and up level!

And then, the kids and I watched Mockingjay Part 2.   Not exactly happy Easter fare, but we enjoyed seeing the last of the movie series.  And even though it's the saddest in terms of favorite characters dying, it didn't dampen our day.  (Probably helps that we all knew what to expect.)

It wasn't long after that our guest arrived.  We hadn't seen Miss N for a couple of years and were excited to catch up on news of her new life in Hawaii (on the "Big Island.")  And we got an invitation to visit and stay with her!!!  (You can bet we're looking into that.)    We had a nice big lunch, talked about traveling all over the world (she has been to Iceland and Peru and Kenya and more), and then  made our Shaker Lemon Pie, which was delicious.  While it baked, the kids organized an egg hunt for Miss N, who had never done that before.  Nor had she played the "hotter/colder" game for finding something.  And so we wandered altogether around the yard finding eggs.  The kids have gotten better at hiding them, too!

After she left, late in the day, we all just lounged around, not quite ready to end the weekend and face the school/work week.  Spring.  Easter.  Rebirth.  Renewal.  New Beginnings. All of that would wait til Monday!

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