Saturday, March 5, 2016


8:15 a.m.  I hear a child downstairs, maybe too.  And a cat crying for breakfast
8:30 I get up.  Bud is downstairs eating ice cream for breakfast.  Sis is reading about the Greek Gods in her room.
9:30  After Sis ate brownies for breakfast and we all got what we needed for the day, we headed out of the house.
9:45 Dropped Sis off at ice skating
9:55 Drooped Bud off at kung fu.  I told his coach that I had to pick him up early for a school function (well, sorta--his sister's Girl Scouts takes place after school and this was our cookie booth day!)
10:10  I hand out at bookstore, get a magazine on Vikings and another on Doctor Who
10:30 I head to ice skating to watch Sis, one of my favorite things to do.
11:00 Sis and I eat bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches in the stands after her lesson.
11:15 We head to get Bud.
11:35 I run inside and fetch Bud so we can drive to his playdate.
12:01 p.m.  I drop Bud off at a friend's.  They have love of Minecraft and piano in common; both moms have been trying to get them together for awhile.  And she so kindly agreed to take him today.
12:15 Sis and I arrive at our Girl Scout Cookie Booth.  The theme of the booth is Star Wars.  "Buy Cookies, You Will."    She wears my Ewok hat; many of the girls have Princess Leia buns.  For 2+ hours, she interacts with customers, sells cookies, makes change, restocks cookies, and giggles with her friends.  I chat with a couple of the other moms who stayed to help chaperone.  Halfway through, I buy the girls a box of Samoas.  They finish it in minutes!  Next year, we must buy more Trefoils--we always sell out of those very fast.   "May the Cookies be with You!"
2:35 We pass off the booth to the next shift and we head to fetch Bud.
2:50  Bud had a great time at his playdate.  They all play some more while the adults chat.  We'll have to do it again sometime.
3:20  Heading home, we place a take-out order at the local pasta place.
3:45  We pick up our early dinner.
4:00  We eat pink pasta, seafood pasta, and chicken fettuccine alfredo while watching Mockingjay Part 1
6:00 or so We take a screen break.
7:00 The kids have an hour left of screen time.  I take a bath, cuddle with a cat, and type here.

Whew.  I expect we'll have a snack, maybe read together.  And then I could go for an early night.  But I doubt it'll happen.

8:00 They start the "Dance Stamina Dance Off" and move, as required, their arms, torsos, and legs for 12+ songs (about 40 minutes), with Bud lasting 1 1/2 songs longer than Sis.  My favorite the Octopus, which they would do together, moving arms and legs--8 in all!
9:00  baths and reading
9:30 Lights out (mostly)

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