Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Looking Backwards and Forwards

The last few weeks have been kind of blah, with the exception of Easter.  Bud didn't feel well, then Sis developed the flu.  Now, Sis and Mama are being tested for allergies and both of them have some, which will require some environmental changes (but NOT with the cats; they will be staying.  Just maybe not sleeping with Sis, who is upset about it all.)  We've got spring fever, but not in a good way.      We're still down about Mr. P and recently marked the anniversaries of my surgery and Aunt Sis's death.  I'm hoping a few days of warm, sunny weather will help chase away the late-winter doldrums.  Except a major school project is due soon and the kids are inside working hard at their biography reports, plus all of Sis's make up work.

Still, spring is here and that's nice.  We'll take the opportunity for a few little local trips over the next two months--Providence (ZENTANGLE class!!), Deerfield (owls and Patriot's Day!), upstate NY (wolves and later Kripalu!), Mystic (harbor seals and lighthouses!), and the Jersey Shore and Atlantic City (lighthouses!)--and then, gasp, it's the end of 5th grade!

There's time yet, but I feel us barreling towards summer.  And all because it's bright and above freezing today.

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