Friday, April 1, 2016

Fools Run In

We haven't usually observed much less celebrated April Fool's Day.  I don't like how often jokes and pranks can be demeaning or disappointing.  But this year we managed a few tricks without any repercussions.

I awoke to a wall of orange sticky notes on my door, announcing "April Fools!"

My house shoes were filled with coins.

And that was just the beginning:  downstairs, "my" couch was covered 4' high with pillows, blankets, and stuffies, while the other couch was marked off with tape.  There was also tape hanging in the doorway to the kitchen and sticky notes all over the tv.   Nowhere to sit!  And, forgetting it was there, I did walk into the hanging tape face-first.   Sticky notes were a theme--later, they spelled out "HI" in the bathroom!  The kids even encircled the interior wall with yarn like they used to when they were preschoolers.

As they waited for bus time, the kids yarn-bombed the front tree and bushes and prepared to tell their bus friends that it was the Yarn Beetle (we had thought of it being a Yarn tree, a la the classic BBC Swiss spaghetti harvest!)  Only the little ones were confused and seemed to believe them.

When they wondered why I hadn't done anything yet, I did warn them as they left that I had the whole day.  And so I did.  But I didn't want anything that I would have to fix (like short-sheeting the beds) or clean up.  So I checked various websites for ideas and found a few.  I put food coloring in the faucets of both sinks so that the water would come out blue and red.  And I bought the ingredients for poundcake-with-frosting "grilled cheese."  (I'd considered making Dirt, but I think I've done that before.)

Bud fell for the red water right away and jumped back from it as if it were blood, but only after getting it on his hands!  I got him good.  Sis stained her hands blue upstairs.  Later, they were a little skeptical about grilled-cheese dinner since I hadn't made that in a long time and the "bread" was small.  Suspicious.  Bud bit it and was shocked; Sis almost wouldn't try it, instead separating the pieces from the orange "cheese" and asking, "Is this paint?"  Bud realized it was cake and frosting and she decided she liked it, too.  We had sauteed the cake in butter so it did look just like a sandwich but smelled even better.

The last joke wasn't really a prank.  We told them the new SW7 movie was now available to watch on tv--and they didn't believe us.  And so I told them it was a prank.  But then later we turned it on--yep, Amazon had the movie available for purchase, streaming only, today (earlier than the DVDs) and so we watched it, as a huge thunderstorm moved through our area.

A pretty good prank day, if I do say so myself.


It was my 20th birthday and my old roommate and suitemates brought me a poinsettia with a spoon in the pot and told me to eat it.  A great trick and delicious!

1 ½  lb. OREOS crushed (beyond recognition)
tub of Cool Whip (large)
package of cream cheese (large)
package of Jello Instant Vanilla pudding (large)

Make the pudding.
Add cream cheese and Cool whip. Add powdered sugar to taste.
Layer pudding mixture and crushed OREOS alternately in clay pot, ending with crushed OREOS on top, so as to look like dirt.
Insert fake flowers.

Alternatives:  In Dirt, use chocolate pudding instead of vanilla and do not add cream cheese.

Alternate:  Sand

1 package Jello vanilla instant pudding
1 tub Cool Whip (8 oz)
1 package vanilla wafers, crushed (12 oz.)
            Make pudding.  Stir in Cool Whip and half of crushed cookies.
            Layer cream mixture and rest of crushed cookies, ending with cookies on top.

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