Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Playing Outdoors

It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood so we spent some of today outside.  We tossed our Aerobie (the ring-like Frisbee thing) back and forth until we noticed the metal had snapped and the plastic was tearing.  Then the kids played with their parachuters while I rode my bike for a bit.  A parachute got stuck in a tree, but we managed to get it down with a broom, at least until it got really stuck the second time and is still up there.

So we Tangled the driveway.  I think we'll remember this as the Zentangle spring break.  We did tiles this morning while watching the intro video in the basic kit and then we took our practice outside and decorated the driveway!

I'm organizing some intro classes now.  I started with my kiddos and will soon do a pilot class or two with some of my friends, one during the day and one in the evening.  Then a class for kiddos some evening or weekend.  There's also the library, senior center, church, hospice volunteer, local arts guild that I can contact.  I'm seeing a lot of great ideas on the closed CZT list--a project using a wine-stained coaster, class mosaics, different strings and tangles to teach etc.  I just have to figure out prices and such.

But this week is for hanging out with the kiddos.  Next week, I'll get back to CZT plans.

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