Friday, April 22, 2016

Let the Tours Begin!

It's tour season at the historic house!  I gave my first 5th-grade tour yesterday.  After two years--I missed last spring season because of surgery--I was a little rusty on the pacing of the tour, even though I know all the material.  I almost completely forgot to do the seed packet activity and I spent extra long talking about showering or not!  But it doesn't matter in the end; the kids had a great time, particularly because it was a beautiful day and there was plenty of time for outside games of snap-the-whip, graces, and hoops.  We even saw a Northern Harrier Hawk fly over.

As much as I often get anxious about tour season and about the individual tours themselves, I really do like teaching the kids and discussing history; it's what I miss most about my museum jobs  (I also liked writing materials and handouts--I hated the meetings and reports and cold calls and scheduling and constant worrying about budgets and administrative tasks, all of which was the majority of the day.  But I do miss the teaching, which is why I like tour season.)

And there's always the dressing up!  I have a new top this year, called a shortgown, with tied enclosures.  It's a lovely green and pink floral pattern.  I also have another English bodice, in navy, with a reversible green and navy floral print.  I think I now officially have more nice 18th-century clothes than decent 21st-century ones!

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