Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tangling Together

We'll remember this as the Zentangle spring break.

Yesterday, I did an informal mini-class with the kiddos, using both the Apprentice video and the video in the basic kit, and we came up with a nice mosaic (several tiles together--yes, there's a lot of lingo.)    Hermione the cat appreciates the use of black and white.

Bud struck out on his own and has been making several tiles everyday.  He likes the student-friendly Sakura pigma pen, with the plastic tip--it's a slightly thicker line and an indestructible pen.

I've been doing a tile-a-day myself, experimenting with shading and new tangle patterns (below, in approximate order.)  

We decorated the driveway yesterday, as I mentioned, and today?  Well, we'll either do tiny Bijou tiles or start our own family Zendala mosaic.  We'll see.

UPDATE:  We started!

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