Friday, April 29, 2016

Big News!

Gong--my FIL and Mama's father--will become a US citizen on Tuesday!

After more than 40 years living in this country as a resident alien from Thailand, he decided to try for citizenship (Ma, his wife, had gotten it in the late 70s, I believe.)  After a long, sometimes befuddling process with applications, interviews, and the like, he got the letter last night--about the ceremony on Tuesday!  

So we'll all head to the ceremony to celebrate.  (I went to another US citizenship ceremony when I was about the kiddos' age; my next-door neighbor's mom was becoming a citizen.  It was very quick. She stood up, raised her right hand with everyone else, the judge issued the oath and congratulated them.  Done.)

And apparently, there is enough time to register him to vote against Trump!!  

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  1. I knew a British couple who 'went over' but they kept their fingers crossed during the oath taking, just in case. They made a livng making English sausages in late 30's