Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Season in the Sun

Trigger Warning:  Sad cat musings.

Today was one of those sunny days that Mr. P liked.  We had the windows open, the sun streaming in.  Our three cats found places in the sunlight; Mr. P would have, too.  He loved last spring and summer in his cat tree by the couch, where he sat with me all the months that I recovered from surgery.

We miss him.  I miss him.  And most days I can think of him without getting teary.  Not today.  Because it was the kind of perfect, warm, sunny day which he hadn't experienced in a long while when he died in February.  I remember my mom telling me that one of my dad's last wishes for our cat Curiosity was for him to be in the sun as he died, but of course the vet couldn't do euthanasia that way.  Cats and sunlight just go together.  "We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun . . . "

Still, Mr P loved a soft blanket and cuddling on our bed in the depth of winter and spent most of December and January upstairs with us.  He was, after all, a very social cat, always "macking" for attention and demanding rubs.  In fact, I think it was his connection to us that alerted us to his illness. When he had that blood clot in his leg that fateful night in January, he didn't hide in the basement and die from congestive heart failure right then, he somehow climbed the steps on three legs and in pain and came looking for Sis and me in the living room, wanting to be with us and trusting we could help.  We did the best we could, even if in the end it couldn't be enough.

I'm just sorry he didn't make it to a last sunny spring day like today.   But I'll always remember him like this in the light . . . .

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