Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Bird List--UPDATED

My Selected Checklist of Raptors et al I've Seen in the Wild (does not, therefore, include falconry shows, raptor rescue organizations, etc.) 

1/11/18, point: Short-eared owl; marsh: 2 Snowy Owls (one attacking clapper rail), Iceland Gull
1/8/18, hospice: Bald eagle (eating lunch on ice)

12/22/17, point:  Northern Harrier
12/6/17, airport: Snowy Owl
12/3/17, beach:  SNOWY OWL!!!!
11/28/17, highway: 1 bald eagle overhead
week of 8/13:  Hog Island, Muscungus Bay, Maine:  bald eagle, loon, cormorant, eider, surf scoter, white-winged scoter black guillemot, common tern, ruby-crested kinglet, American goldfinch, chickadee, puffin, sand piper, laughing gull, herring gull, ruby-throated hummingbird, blue jay.

12/14/16, marsh:  SNOWY OWL!!!!!
12/4/16:  river:  Bald Eagle diving in river and rising out again
9/16/16, park:  5 turkey vultures, osprey, Red-tailed Hawk, Monk Parakeets
9/15/16, park:  juvenile Bald Eagle, osprey, Red-tailed Hawk, Monk Parakeets, European starlings
9/12/16, park:  ospreys (one with a fish!), accipiters, Red-tailed Hawk, Monk Parakeets
9/10/16, park:  5 turkey vultures, ospreys, accipiters, Monk Parakeets
8/28/16, Greenwich hawk watch:  turkey vultures, accipiters playing with vultures,
4/21/16, historic house:  Northern Harrier
4/16/16, Canton CT "owl prowl":  Barred Owl in a tree; heard lots of calls later
2/29/16, point:  Snow Buntings, 2 American Tree Sparrows
2/29/16, marsh:  Mute Swan
2/22/16, marsh:  Snowy Owl on a log about 300 yards out

10/2/15, backyard:  accipiter going after squirrel
2/16/15, river:  Bald Eagle
2/3/15, tree near sidewalk: Red-Tail Hawk

Before 2015
11/15/14, BI:  3 Saw Whet Owls (Nature Conservancy tagging); Northern Harrier along the beach
10/14/09, side of the road in Texas at night:  Barn Owl

Northern Cardinal--birdie-birdie-birdie or cheer-cheer-cheer
White throated sparrow--Old Sam Peabody Peabody Peabody
Nashville Warbler--see-bit-see-bit-see-bit-see-see-see-see
Common Loon--who-who-ha-ha-ha
Blue Jay--jeer
Song sparrow--note, note, trillllllll, note  (field sparrow also has trillllll--bouncing ball coming to a stop)
American Robin--cheerily, cheerily, cheer up
Chipping Sparrow--trill
Mountain chickadee--chick-a-dee dee dee
Common Yellowthroat--whichety-whichety-whichety
Blue-winged warbler--bee buzz
Indigo Bunting--what? what? where? where? see it? see it?

American goldfinch--potato chip, tee-yee
American robin--cheerily, cheer up, cheer up
Blue Jay--jeer!
Eastern Phoebe--fee-be
Gray Catbird--chek chek (but doesn't usually repeat)
Indigo Bunting--what? what? where? where? see it? see it?
Mourning Dove--coo-OO-oo
Red-bellied Woodpecker--kwirr, kwirr or cha cha
White-throated sparrow--Old Sam Peabody or Oh sweet Canada
Yellow Warbler--sweet sweet sweet I'm so sweet

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  1. I talked yesterday to a lady who had seen a polar bear catch and eat on the spot a wild arctic seal. She had been on a 'photo-safari'.