Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stuck at Home

As it seems to happen, I have come down with a nasty cold during a busy week.  I've canceled a routine doctor's appointment, lunch with a hospice colleague, my hospice visit, two historic house tours, and my piano lesson.  It sucks.  The cold came on quite suddenly Sunday evening--typical sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, painful ears, headache, blah.  I've not slept more than a couple of hours at a time.

I'm resting--"Tudors" and crochet, plus liquids, neti pot, etc etc etc.  I think I like to watch "Tudors" when I'm sick because I know it so well and can snooze--to those dulcet English accents!--without falling behind.  Plus, the costumes and settings are lovely.

Anyway, it's clearly not the end of the world, despite my complaining.  I only hope I'm better for this weekend, when Gommie and Pop arrive (they're wandering Maine right now) and we host Applepalooza!

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