Friday, September 23, 2016

Where is Fall?

It's late September--and 85F outside.  Sure, that was okay when I lived in Texas, but it is unusual here in CT.  I don't think we've ever run the AC this late.

Even more unexpectedly, the trees are already clearing changing color--I think this is because they are distressed in the drought and heat, not because nights are much cooler.  So, it looks like the beginning of fall outside but the temperatures are at least 10-15F higher than usual.

But meterological rumor has it that cooler air is on the way tomorrow.    This is good because I've started work on a huge crocheted, rainbow Granny Square afghan for our king-sized bed and it's getting too warm to keep on my lap!  And I'm out of iced coffee and ready to switch to hot tea.  And use the oven and light a fire in the firepit.  And write my Fall Fun list.

Come on, fall!

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