Monday, September 26, 2016

Let the Fall Fun Begin

Yesterday, we attended one of our favorite events, fall or otherwise:  our old church's annual harvest festival.  And we had a wonderful time.  There were dozens of vendors--so many fabulous crocheters, some lovely crafters, and great food.  We got a large embroidered cat cushion for the couch, a lovely dried flower arrangement for the front door, a stained glass starfish for our upstairs window, and some cute screen-printed cat shirts.  For lunch, we had empanadas, chicken fingers, plantains, and chocolate cheesecake.

And we saw so many church friends!  The kids said several people they didn't know came up and said, "You've gotten so big!"  It was 11 years ago at this event that we debuted the twins, over-dressed for the fall day, and introduced them to the church that had supported us so.  How time flies!  Our friends, who just had a baby about 2 months ago, similarly brought their newborn to the fair--also overdressed in a fleece bunny suit for the 69F day.  I think it must just be new parenthood.  But she was very sweet looking, just like ours were.

Good memories, good times.

There will be a whole bunch of fall fun in the coming weeks--and Gommie and Pop arrive this weekend!

Fall Fun Possibilities
  1. Applepalooza (our family fall open house, with apple desserts)
  2. Apple picking
  3. Decorate a pumpkin
  4. Make apple or pumpkin butter
  5. Church in-gathering celebration--this was last weekend
  6. Florence Griswold Museum Wee Faerie Village (the month of October)
  7. Make faerie houses
  8. School Open House
  9. Gommie and Pop visit
  10. Vermont vacation
  11. Make a leaf pile
  12. Make leaf roses
  13. historic house fall tours
  14. Go to Fantastic Beasts movie (November)
  15. Trick or treat
  16. Backyard fire with foil dinners and s'mores
  17. Tent in the backyard
  18. Prepare Halloween costumes
  19. Boo gifts for friends
  20. Amish Friendship bread
  21. Brandied fruit--it's fermenting on the counter
  22. Nature walk or bike ride
  23. Kiddos go to Nature's Classroom
  24. Mama goes to Celestial Navigation course
  25. Girl Scout "mountain" hike and tree study
  26. Kellogg's Olympic Gymnasts' tour
  27. Installation of the new minister
  28. Paint pinecones
  29. Yarn!
  30. Explore sourdough bread recipes
  31. Vote
  32. Make pies
  33. Church Harvest festival--lovely time yesterday!
  34. Get out mittens, hats, scarves, sweaters, etc.
  35. Pull out quilts and blankets
  36. Change fire alarm batteries

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