Sunday, September 4, 2016


School began last week and suddenly it feels like we never left.  The kiddos are in sixth grade, the last year of elementary school in our town.  They have the same teachers and classmates, being in the gifted and talented class, so it really was like a continuation of last year.  Next year will be a whole new world, though.  But let's not rush into that.  There are several fun sixth-grade activities like Nature's Classroom and a trip to a Broadway show, and then there will be school concerts (orchestra and chorus) and the spring play, of course.

Also beginning:  fall storm season.  Hurricane Hermine hit Florida and will bring some high winds and seas even in its diminished state.  We're not worried, but we did make sure we had batteries.  Mama's parents, whose house was damaged in Sandy, are watching very closely because the tide is already up to the back dunes of the beach eight houses away.

Another beginning:  fever season.  Both kids have temps at 100F and are grumpy.  Not sure if they picked up a virus at school or at the slumber/pool party they attended Friday night; it doesn't really matter, except it's a crappy way to spend a three-day weekend, lolling in bed uncomfortable.

Finally, it's been cool the last two nights, like shut-off-the-AC and open-the-windows and I-can-see-fall-around-the-corner cool.  The tropical storm brings hot temps next week (close to 90F), but it will cool back down soon enough.

Otherwise, everything pretty much starts now.  I'll go back to my volunteer triad--Girl Scouts, hospice, and historic house tours--and the kids continue all of their activities.  We have some small activities planned but no trips (I think, with our cat needing fluids every other day, we won't be planning any trips until later.)

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. We spent September 1976 tripping around eastern USA, including your part of Texas, we had good weather all the time except Houston when it RAINED like I have never seen before. Met so many nice people.