Monday, April 25, 2016


Lots of little things:

  • Sis got braces.  She didn't want me to talk about it until she'd told her friends.  It's been a rough transition, but she's settling in.  She's going to miss caramel most.
  • Our piano recital is this weekend.  Yes, "our"--I'm playing "Greensleeves."
  • I'm doing a Zentangle tile a day and am enjoying both the process and the product.  Can't wait to go to Kripalu with Gommie and take another class.
  • I had been working on a baby blanket for a friend but made a yarn miscalculation and will have to "frog it" (rip it out--"rip it, rip it!") and change the design.  Still, there's lots of time.
  • Practices have increased for the play the kids are doing at school.  And parents are starting to gather costumes and create the program.  It seemed so far off and now it's just not.
  • I'm loving the new seasons of "Outlander" and "Grantchester" on tv.  I quit "Mr. Selfridge," just not interested.  And "Vikings" is okay enough.
  • Mama made pulled pork in her new pressure cooker yesterday.  Pretty tasty.  But the hissing and spitting are a little much for me; I'll stick with my slow cooker.  Still, it was great to have her cook.
  • We went to a hockey game last night--our local team is in the playoffs--terrible game and not just because they lost.  But I do like watching all that amazing skating.  And everybody likes game food!
  • The kids are producing a stuffed animal version of Hamilton.  I love those!  I love that, at almost 11 years old, they still play with their critters.
  • They've also made a version of the Hamilton set on Minecraft.  
  • And they sing it all the time.
  • I can't believe we're actually already planning their 11th birthday parties (or not, Bud might opt for a fancy sushi dinner in town instead.  Sis wants a sleepover.)
  • I'm heading to my new hospice patient in a bit.  First one in awhile.  Glad to be back at it.

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