Tuesday, October 27, 2015

More Affirmations

I posted a list of Affirmations I use to buck up my confidence back in March, actually a week before my surgery, and again four weeks later in April.  I realize I could add several big things to it.  So, here we go, my recent list of accomplishments:

I can walk.
I can pick stuff off the floor.
I can shop and push the cart.
I can drive all the way to church, 25 minutes.
I can play the piano without wearing my brace briefly.
I can take a bath.
I can get dressed all by myself. 
I can unload the dishwasher.
I can wash dishes.
I can cook dinner
I can do the laundry and even fold it.
I can blog.
I can crochet.

I have not had severely debilitating back pain in almost 4 whole years (my major episode was 6 years ago!)
Last Memorial Day 2014 when I had back pain, I still functioned and did things.
My surgery was seven months ago and I am much better.
I know how to cope with pain.
I know how to cope with fear.
I know there will be pain and fear and I am ready.
I can be calm in a crisis.
I can accept that I am not in control.
I have compassion for myself.
I have the tools I need--meds, heat pack, brace, stretches, rest.
I have great support and understanding in Mama and the kids, my parents and my sister.
I have the time and resources to take it easy.

I've survived and thrived:
  • On trips to
    • ENGLAND! and Cardiff!
    • Girl Scout overnight, on the floor, at Old Sturbridge Village!! (this one gets forgotten because it was three days before my emergency)
    • Girl Scout overnight, sleeping in a ship's berth at Mystic Seaport (and carrying my gear to the ship and then walking around for hours)
    • Disney World (even though EPCOT was hard, I got through it)
    • Washington DC
    • Boston
    • Philadelphia
    • Houston and environs
    • Block Island (twice!)
    • our nano-honeymoon in NYC (twice!)
  • Experiences such as
    • doing my hospice work, sitting at people's bedsides and holding their hands
    • lighting a fire and cooking over it
    • going swimming
    • teaching RE
    • taking GS outdoor class Food, Fire, & Fun
    • taking archery and becoming certified as an instructor
    • passing First Aid and CPR--I can give mouth-to-mouth and use an AED
    • riding on parade floats and giving a lecture on costuming in full corseted costume
    • giving historic house tours
    • sitting and standing for hours at kung fu competition
    • sitting at the piano and play "Finlandia"
    • learning ASL
    • going on retreat by myself for two nights all alone--including sitting at length, creating art, taking yoga
    • winning 4 stars on Just Dance, dancing to "Bang, Bang"
    • playing basketball with the kids
    • playing water basketball with the kids at the Y
    • going to long movies
    • going to Lion KingPhantom of the Opera, Les Mis, Wicked, Vagina Monologues, Fun Home, Spring Awakening, Matilda
    • walking all day at Comic Con (and other long walks--at Trunk or Treat, fairy houses, Mystic, NYC, etc.)
    • building fairy houses and nature mandalas
    • wandering around museums
    • eating in restaurants at night
    • walking in the snow
    • making snow angels
    • going canoeing
  • I can do 
    • laundry
    • baking
    • unloading the dishwasher
    • walking on the treadmill
    • sitting on the floor with the cats
    • taking a real bath
I did all that.  I can do what comes next. 

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  1. You sound like a normal person, what a pity I thought you were supernatural.