Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fall Fun: Halloween Begins

Tomorrow is the first of a few of our Halloween celebrations.

In a way, we started this evening by "BOOing" some friends.  The kids were BOO'd on Tuesday night--in fact, it scared a few of us.  Mama and I were downstairs, with the kids upstairs, when we heard a distant knock.  The cats all jumped and Albus even growled.  But when I went to check the porch, which door was locked, there was no one.  And Bud said he had been banging around.  But a  bit later, a friend beeped me on FB, hoping it hadn't been too late to leave something on the step.  And there it was--our BOO bag, with candy and such.  So, tonight, we returned the favor, packing bags of toys and candy for a few friends.  We delivered them to a few people this evening (we have a few left.)

Tomorrow is our school party, with lots of kids, costumes, and candy.  We donated about 10 lbs of candy (meant to give just 7 but accidentally sent our bag of candy into school, too.  C'est la vie.)

We still have a few preparations to make--need to get out our favorite Ghostie to hang in the tree and our big orange metal candy bucket, get pumpkins and mums, buy more candy, and catch up on the decorations on the kids' trick-or-treat bags.  See, each bag has little doodles representing their costumes each year, but I don't think we're all caught up.  Here's a list, as I recall it:

Sis (in order):
  1. a black cat (2005)
  2. a gnome (2006)
  3. Baby Jaguar, from "Diego" (2007)
  4. vet (2008)
  5. Kenai, from Brother Bear (2009)
  6. firefighter (2010)
  7. Harry Potter (2011)
  8. Pikachu, from Pokemon (2012)
  9. Quidditch Harry Potter (2013)
  10. Legolas (2014)
  11. Black Widow (2015)
Bud (in order):
  1. pumpkin (2005)
  2. a gnome (2006)
  3. Mama Jaguar, from "Diego" (2007)
  4. Yankee baseball player (2008)
  5. Denahi, from Brother Bear (2009)
  6. knight/Jedi (2010)
  7. Harry Potter/Hermione (2011)
  8. Ash, from Pokemon (2012)
  9. Percy Jackson (2013)
  10. Frodo (2014)
  11. Link (2015)
And as I was thinking of what they were for Halloween, I started recalling a lot of my costumes.  I'm missing some, but here are mine, in no particular order, except generally:

  • Tinkerbell, with actual jingling bells 
  • a pink princess, with bric-a-bac on my diaphanous gown
  • Princess Leia, with a tinfoil necklace Gommie made, just like the one in the ceremony scene
  • Col. Wilma Deering, of "Buck Rogers in the 25th Century," all in white
  • Scarlet O'Hara, in one of Gommie's old prom dresses and Bammie's black fur stole
  • Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, with a Moon headdress and a bow and arrow (5th grade?)
  • Black cat
  • medieval lady--I have vague memories of going in my Ren Faire outfit, with a flower garland
  • Sherlock Holmes, with cape, Deerstalker, and pipe (high school)
  • Belle, of Beauty and the Beast (freshman year of college)
  • Clown in Black and White outfit
  • Witch/Hogwarts professor, complete with scarf (church)
  • Goody Bassett/colonial woman (church)

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