Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fall Fun: Autumn Nature Mandalas

Having seen some natural mandalas on Pinterest as I continue my exploration of Zentangle and mandalas, I took a little time today to find some colorful leaves--all but the purple ones are from the nursing home where my current hospice patient lives; the purple ones are from our Japanese maple.  
The following photos are just my first attempts.  I can see collecting more leaves, fallen branches, and other items.  The white rocks are kind of "cheating" since they were bought and put in our garden.

You know the most remarkable thing about these mandalas?  I sat on the ground to make them!

Can't wait to try it with the kids . . . .

(Vague memory:  I used to build designs and even little structures on the beach at the bay house.  One time, my Aunt J asked what I was doing and I replied, "Building a temple to Poseidon."  I was really into classical mythology then.  She then asked if I believed in the Greek god of the sea and, while I didn't answer, I realized that I believed he was as probable as any Christian God, prophet, or saint.  Usually my memory of this event focuses on the discussion, but today I had a clear sense of the house made of driftwood, shells, and such.)

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