Friday, October 2, 2015

Wild Life

This morning we almost lost our collective breakfasts.  See, we were watching a squirrel play in the gutter on our garage, which is clearly visible from the kitchen table where the kids and I eat in the morning.  Suddenly, a white flash swooped down from behind the house towards the squirrel.  The squirrel must have sensed danger because it jumped straight off the garage to the ground, a good 8'+! The red-tailed (or red-shouldered) hawk couldn't turn around and thus missed its breakfast.  As we all continued gasping in surprise, Bud asked, "Was that Stumpy or Fluffy?" (Yes, we nickname our squirrels.)

I replied, "I think we should call that one Lucky!"

Just the day before I made the brief acquaintance of a turtle who could have gone by that name, too.  I was driving home on some back roads when I slammed on my brakes--there was a turtle crossing the road.  I pulled over and went to encourage the turtle to get out of the way.  It wasn't a super busy road, but there were a lot of fast cars (don't worry, I was safe.)  Another woman came up as I got out and got out to help, too.  Only then did we discover it was a snapping turtle.  I had gone to give it a nudge with my shoe when it did a 180-degree turn and stretched for my toe viciously.  No harm done, so I guess you could call me "Lucky."  With cars detouring around us, we managed to protect the turtle until it made its way across the road.  It was very disconcerted by us--and kept pausing to pose and look intimidating, snapping a few more times--I wonder if it would have gotten across faster if I hadn't stopped.  But, judging by the number of cars that slowed down to go around, I'm just not sure the turtle would have made it.

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