Friday, October 9, 2015

More Couch Love

We're all settling into and starting to enjoy the new couches, even though I've become "screechy mom"--"don't eat near the couch!" and "did you wash your hands before sitting down?"!!  (It won't last long because there will be a first spill, probably sooner than I'd like.)   I've even chastised Hermione cat a few times as she stretched and scratched.  Not that she really cared.  The cats are picking their spots.  Mr. P likes my seat in the corner, though sometimes he likes the ottoman, which is also Albus's favorite.  Hermione likes the back of the loveseat.  

As for people, we can all fit happily (and because the couches are the same support-wise, I can sit anywhere), if the cats aren't around, which is what we did last night when Goo stopped by.  After dinner--no more eating in the living room (screech!)--we all sat around playing SpaceTeam.  If you like cooperative games and science fiction, and have a smartphone or iPad/tablet, give the group game SpaceTeam a try (you must have 2-4 players on different devices on the same wifi network.) We had a great time playing last night, as we piloted our own ship by yelling commands at each other ("Switch on the hyperdrive!" "Set turboquark to 2!" and the like), shaking through asteroids and wormholes, while completing a certain number of tasks to advance--and some of them are really funny, like "infuse the tea!" and "alphabetize the bookshelves!" Such fun, wacky, like our own version of Spaceballs The Movie.  The kids love playing with Goo.

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  1. Downton was on last night, very good. x is falling for y, they have resurrected f and g in order to upset h. On the other hand k & l are getting better but m has to give up drinking port.