Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I have a several proverbial balls in the air right now.  And while I can juggle, both figuratively and literally, the next few weeks have a lot to oversee.

Sunday morning:  I am the lead teacher for RE.  We'll be continuing our discussion of sacred spaces by exploring labyrinths, both as a metaphor for life or journeys and as actual structures.  The kids will be able to create a labyrinth with painter's tape on the floor or draw one on a paper plate to make a personal finger labyrinth.

Sunday afternoon:  APPLEPALOOZA!  We'll be having our sometimes annual fall family celebration with lots of apple treats.  I'm torn between making apple enchiladas and apple bourbon bundt cake.  We'll see if I don't make both!  It's going to be chilly--the high on Sunday is just 50F, a 20-degree drop from today practically.  So, we're considering lighting our firepit, which opens up all kinds of other recipes--roasted maple or sugar or caramel apples, various tinfoil apple crisps, who knows what else.

Monday afternoon:  I'm running our Girl Scout meeting.  We'll be working on a badge in American Sign Language over the course of two meetings.  They'll do an activity to make them aware of communicating without sound and then learn the manual alphabet; for homework, they'll watch any of a number of clips of deaf people signing to one another.  And for the second meeting, they'll meet my Deaf friend, learn some more phrases, ask about Deaf culture, and eventually, later in the semester, teach little girls some ASL.

Saturday/Sunday:  It's our Mystic Seaport overnight for Girl Scouts!  But Mama and Bud are going, too.  We'll do a "Seaport Sleuth" activity, sleep on a late-19th-century ship, and then in the morning the girls will climb the riggings!   I feel like I've been doing the voluminous paperwork for ages.

Sunday morning (a week later):  I'm teaching RE again.  No clue what that will entail.

Sunday afternoon:  I'm hosting a Wildtree Slow Cooker Freezer Meal workshop here.  I had such fun at the last one I attended--and as a bonus, everyone liked the food--that I chose to host one.  It'll be a small but fun group of friends.  Any chance to get together to chat and nosh is a good one.

Monday:  It's the second half of the GS-ASL class.

Whew.  Mind you, that doesn't include usual piano, kung fu, book club, ice skating activities.  Nor does it encompass possible trips to the Icelandic festival and the fairy houses.  There are also historic house tours, board meetings, hospice visits, at least one movie night, and three Halloween parties!  Plus all the usual laundry, housecleaning (minimal!), and dinners to shop and cook.  Then, after these couple of crazy weeks, we have our Block Island trip, Indigo Girls concert, my knitting retreat, then Thanksgiving here.  Whew.  For a change, December isn't crazy yet, at least compared to this fall.

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