Friday, June 16, 2017


I put them on the bus for the last day of elementary school.  And I've been looking over my old photos, and everyone else's who posted on FB, and am feeling the bittersweet pang of children growing.

No more bus stops for me (they won't want me at the middle school stop, even if it's our corner.)
No more dress code/uniforms for them.
No more field days, Snowflake Bingo, Pajama Nights, school musical, Math nights, recess, and all of the other great elementary school events I can't think of right now.
No more elementary-school family, after seven years, because our school splits into two middle schools.
No more mom network for me; most of the moms I know are off to the other middle school.

Sure, there are lots of great things coming, but I'm looking back right now and appreciating the community of which we've been a part since 2010.  It's been a wonderful journey for all of us (with some not so great bits) and I'm going to miss the comfort and familiarity, the support and dedication that is elementary school.  It's never quite the same afterwards and they won't ever be at another school this long (well, unless they do a Ph.D. and take a bit, but that's not the same either.)

So, goodbye, elementary school, and thank you.

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