Monday, June 24, 2013

Too Hot to Cook

We're having sandwiches for dinner--ciabatta bread with ham, turkey, and/or cheese slices, plus a cold tortellini salad (that I made up on the fly),  pickles, Fritos, grapes, watermelon, frozen coconut-mango Smoozers, and whatever else we happen upon.  I must say, given that it's 92F or something outside, it sounds like the perfect dinner.

The kids were home early and are using up their 1 hour of screen time playing Minecraft (yes, I know, it's a weekday, but we're already on summer rules here.) They love Minecraft and play in sync every chance they get.  Recently, they've been creating lava and then dousing it with water, "lava-inating" I think they call it. After their done in a bit, they have some birthday-party thank-you notes to write and some teacher notes to write.  Then it's free time until Bud has kung fu.

I'm glad I don't have to go jump around with weapons in an un-air-conditioned studio today!

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  1. Oh my goodness is it hot. I took C to a garden center today and we both just about died wen we were in the greenhouse. Poor kid he was so hot he was begging me to hurry up! I imagine hell is as hot as it was in that green house! sandwiches are always a good stand by and delicious too!