Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Day More

. . . until school is done. Yep, tomorrow is the last day of kindergarten (and we're reading Junie B. Jones, Graduation Girl, to mark the occasion). Sis and Bud are pretty much first graders. And almost six years old on top of it. It's amazing, really this passage of time. So quick, yet so slow, but with so much change along the way. Because in a year they've learned to write in upper and lower case, recognize dozens of sight words, read beginner books all by themselves, write several sentences to create stories, complete simple arithmetic. Beyond academics, there are all the other social intangibles, like functioning in a classroom setting, being responsible for their own things (most of the time), following directions, getting along with others (usually), etc. And they've loved it all--their teachers, their specials like P.E, snacktime, the bus, writing time, library books, classroom friends--EXCEPT homework. Though, oddly, they also complained most days about going, preferring to stay home to play, only to hop up and get their backpacks and leave in the morning without any real delay. I guess kids are funny that way.

Happy end-of-school, whenever it ended for you!

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