Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Birthday Recipe for Mama

A Recipe for Mama

2 cups practicality and rationality
2 cups artistry, especially drawing and music (playing herself or listening to Indigo Girls and B'way)
1 1/2 cups romance
1 cup shyness
3/4 cup loyalty and devotion
1/2 cup feline-ophilia
1/3 cup spatial reasoning
1/3 cup fix-it-ness
1/3 cup gadgety-ness
1/4 cup food lover, anything, especially spicy, except green olives or fruit in main entrees
1/4 cup unfamiliarity (or call it righteousness) with popular culture
3 tablespoons travel lust, especially to Civil War sites and lighthouses
a pinch of cute (especially when smirking or blushing)
Add-ins: short hair, round glasses, sensible shoes, long-sleeve button-down shirts, long socks, tattered wallet, Blackberry and 'droid, chewing gum

Mix ingredients thoroughly. Grill until crispy exterior and warm interior. Serve immediately.

Mommy Hungry

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  1. Is today her birthday? The same as Uncle T? Even if it isn't it must be Happy, Happy Birthday, G!