Friday, June 24, 2011

At the End of the Day*

. . . they're another year older!

Yep, school is out!

Summer has begun!

And so what are they doing right now?


Playing school.

Meanwhile, I'm upstairs having my own little cry because school is out--I can't believe Bud and Sis are first graders, almost six years old! I loved (trusted, was supported by, was inspired by) their teachers and will miss them next year (just like I missed the preschool teachers at the end of last year). And the kids will be in school full day, which seems so strange. But it's official: they're in the same class, which should then loop to second grade together. On the downside, I'm worried that I ended the year the way I started it, on my back (well, I'm further along than I was in early September!), and have concerns about being fun Mommy (or even capable Mommy, since I can't drive yet--I'm told sitting and driving is really hard on the back) this summer . . . and so am outsourcing a lot of my role. Nothing a good crying jag won't relieve. But better the change be hard for me than for them.

Happy first day of summer!

(really, I'm happy. In that weird conflicted happy way, which I remember well from last days of school of my childhood, 'cos I really always liked school.)

*Are you catching all these Les Mis references? First "One Day More," and now "At the End of the Day." Sure, it has nothing to do with school, but it fits . . . .

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