Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Almost Normal

This morning, I went downstairs with the kids, walking around while they finished breakfast, backed bags, and got shoes. And then, for the first time in two months, I did what I always used to do on days that Mama drove them to school: I went to the porch and waved goodbye as they left. They were both so surprised to see me standing their--their shocked and happy faces were all the inspiration and motivation I need to keep going.

And then, I walked around by myself outside for just a little while, enjoying the warmth and scents of spring.

Then, Mama was a little late getting home this evening, making a stop at the store for various last-minute things. And so, because I was downstairs, and because we hope to soon try out "time-sharing" the childcare, I told Nanny she could go early and I would be "in charge" for a change. Since she wanted to get to church, she agreed to go.

And there I was, by myself, with the kids, standing up, downstairs, doing stuff. We even turned on some music--"Glee" and Lady Gaga and "Friday," of course--and were dancing around the living room (I vogued more, purely arm movements) when Mama arrived. And just like old times, she joined right in and we had a great family dance party.

"Bad Romance" never felt so good.

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