Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mommy Mycroft

I've been the behind-the-scenes Daisy leader for almost two months now, totally unable to attend the meetings but perfectly capable of helping design and organize them. Something akin to Sherlock Holmes's brother Mycroft, who solved crimes from a leather chair in his club. I thought up ideas, themes, activities, and then relayed all the details and sometimes even a few supplies to my co-leader, who implemented them, without ever complaining about any of it, understanding and supporting my situation.

Today was the culmination of it all, both the Daisy Year but also my "ghostwriting" of the event. It was the end-of-year Daisy picnic, with the Daisies and their families, food, play, distribution of cookie incentives, just a general celebration and wrap-up of our first year of scouts. And I couldn't go--it just wasn't an easy outing and I didn't want the focus to be on me instead of the kids.

So Mama took Sis and Bud, who played with all their friends for almost two hours, eating sandwiches and desserts and then running around the playground with all their school friends. At the end of the playtime, Sis got all of her cookie incentives for selling 301 cookies--so patches, a bandanna, a t-shirt, bag, little purse, and stuffed kangaroo that looks like a bunny rabbit. "I'm a grown-up girl now!," she enthused while wearing her oversized shirt and carrying her messenger bag filled with her purse and other incentives, plus Shirt and Amy the bunny. Bud also got his cookie incentive for tolerating and even encouraging her cookie sales--he got a Lego castle kit.

It was a great year and I really enjoyed being a Daisy leader. More importantly, Sis loved being a Daisy Scout (and was even upset that today was the last day til the fall). We did all sorts of fun things, earning all of our Daisy Petals, including:

Light Blue: honest and fair--game day with board and group games (without cheating!)
Yellow: helpful and friendly--chore charts for helping at home
Spring Green: considerate and caring--Thanksgiving placemats for senior center
Purple: respect for myself and others--full-sized self portraits
Magenta: respect for authority--tour of the fire station with homework to have a family meeting place and check the fire alarms
Rose: make the world a better place--World Thinking Day, reading Ruby's Wish, and letters to the principal about what they appreciate about school
Violet: sister to every GS--make bead bracelets to exchange at a joint holiday party with our sister troop
Red: courageous and strong--field trip to a children's gym
Green: use resources wisely--visiting the Garbage Museum and learning about recycling
Orange: responsible for what I say and Do--thank-you notes to all

Plus, of course, all of our work selling cookies.

And I look forward to next year's Daisy year. But I hope to help beyond the confines of my proverbial armchair.

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