Friday, June 17, 2011

Singin' Out the Year

Today was the kiddos' end-of-year kindergarten concert. And I got to go! It was wonderful--to be out, to be back at the kids' school, to celebrate their wonderful first year of elementary school, to feel "normal" again. Sure, I had on my huge brace and was moving slowly and spent lots of time on the nurse's couch to rest and everyone who hadn't seen me in two months kindly asked how I was, so it wasn't that normal but it was totally do-able.

There was a slide show (that I missed and will see later, cos Mama recorded it) and then the kids all marched in. They did a poem altogether, which each class chanting a line in unison--Sis was proud that her class went first. Then each class sang approximately two songs. Sis happily danced with her music teacher for "Jump Jim Joe." And Bud wiggled his body with happy abandon during his class's songs. Then the whole kindergarten sang a few together. So sweet! They ended with a survey and Bud was one of four children (and the only boy!) to read (READ!) the survey results. His line was, "Our favorite book was Froggy." Other results--as a whole, they like pink (there are more girls than boys), writing centers, and goldfish crackers. There were thank-yous around and it was over.

Afterwards, we took pictures with their kindergarten teachers, even though the kids have a week more of school. But it's the last time Mama and I will be there for kindergarten so we said our goodbyes and thank yous. Well, sort of. I choked up and couldn't quite manage it. Probably because I'd managed not to need the tissues I'd brought with me (because the night before I had demonstrated my proclivity for tears when Sis recited her line and I burst into tears) during the show.

It's not a goodbye in the sense of final, but a goodbye in the sense of the end of a particular time. We'll see everybody next year, but it's just never the same. Impermanence again. But that's okay. First grade will have great parts too.

But isn't there something special about the end of kindergarten? Just like there was about the beginning . . . .

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