Friday, June 24, 2011


Just a quick email to catch you all up-to-date on things, since I'm sure I sound like a blubbery mess about the end of school.
  • The last day of school has always been bittersweet for me. So, yeah, today's a turning point. I'll be fine. And, no, I'm not crying in front of the kiddos.
  • My back. Always my back. Overdid it this week tie-dying with the kids, which was wonderful fun (the t-shirts, that is). Took about 24 hours to recover. Remember, I'm not on any kind of meds, so 24 hours feels long but isn't really. I spoke to my doc and he says if I'm not better by early next week to come in. I'm already better. Am I at 70% here in mid-to-late June? Almost, with a week or so delay because of the plantar fasciitis . . .
  • which has almost totally gone away with some ice and my night splint. YAY! So I can walk about 20-30 minutes an hour straight without any trouble from my foot (and only minor fatigue in my back, wearing my lighter brace or NONE AT ALL).
  • Allergies: after allergic reactions, I think, to three NSAIDs, I'm still itchy and having a few hives. Is it food? Is it supplements? I go to see an allergist to start getting the answers on Tuesday.
  • Vegan cleanse: still mostly following the aforementioned food plan, with low to no dairy, eggs, wheat, refined sugar, or caffeine. I've lost more than 5 lbs, which is great because weight loss is a very proactive back-healing step (yeah, yeah, I've known this a long time, but sometimes it takes awhile to mean something). I also just read this fascinating article on a study that practically reversed diabetes in patients diagnosed in the last 2-4 years by reducing their intake to 600 calories a day for 2 months which eliminates the fat from their liver and pancreas (which has to do with insulin production). Now, I'm not doing that, of course, but it's something to keep in mind.
  • Childcare: we have Babysitter for the summer and she'll be doing approximately 5-6 hours a day as needed, leaving me the other 5-6 hours (particularly in the morning). We're trying to line up easy-on-the-back activities for me to do with the kids, beyond watching "Glee" and Star Wars! I'll leave the tie-dye to Babysitter.
  • Camp: Yep, we have camp. And swimming (thanks to Mrs. S for doing the driving!). And maybe even some playdates.
  • Birthday: it's coming. Big Lego birthday party bash! Mama is obsessed and lovin' all the planning. Because you gotta plan when 40 classmates are invited along!! (Yep, we invited all of both of their kindergarten classes.)
  • Otherwise, not much else going on. No planned outings, since I don't travel well, which is a bummer because we love day trips. But we'll catch up when we can.

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